I am so glad you decided to check out my blog, Purely Prophetic – Flames from the Throne Room. I’ve recently moved into a season where God has me releasing my voice in a more public way. I honestly would be happy to stay in the secret place forever but I know God is giving me the nudge that it’s time to speak. Okay…let’s be real! It’s more like a swift kick.

I hope you find the prophetic insights, strategies for intercession, and poems helpful and encouraging.

My prayer is that this blog stirs your passion for God, giving you fresh revelation from His heart, setting the flames of intercession ablaze inside of you.

For His Kingdom,


Published by Purely Prophetic - Flames from the Throne Room

My mandate: Raise my kids in God's glory and to see the Bride of Christ set on fire. My mission: Release the purity, truth and beauty of God. My heartbeat: Justice. My purpose: Advance the Kingdom of God. My passion: Daily burning as a living sacrifice before God. My vision: To see the Bride of Christ come into a place of purity and passion for Jesus, fully expressing God's rule and reign in the Earth.

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