The Sound of Truth

The sound of truth clashing, prevailing over lies.

Fiery lovers of Jesus, wielding His word like a sword and transforming lives.

Unafraid of the fires of hell because the fire in them is greater.

Not orphans, not rejected but chosen by their maker.

They’ve learned that suffering is a gift, if used for His glory.

They’ve submitted their pain to process and healing to the hands of the One who chronicles their story.

That’s how you will know truth from lie, real from false.

You can mimic what they say and do, but you can never reproduce that for which they have paid a steep cost.

Accepted or rejected, celebrated or cast out, their eyes are locked onto God’s without any doubt.

They know full well they are not orphans, not forgotten or deserted.

God’s plan for them so great that no one can divert it.

Accolades and platforms mean nothing to them. They just want to be known deep in the heart of the King.

They live for One and give Him everything.

More famous in heaven then here on earth.

You’d be surprised if you could see the full amount of their worth.

Shackles and chains, broken and burned, their heart beats only for the sound of His word.

They are not satisfied to just break free and be made new. They birth justice, release God’s Glory and carry His dew.

They live for the joy of this one thing, their marriage to Jesus and wearing His signet ring.

His bride won’t be prostituted or stained by mud.

Her wedding dress cleansed and purified by the fire of His love.

All the schemes of the devil come to naught.

Watch and see as all the abuse and muddy hand prints of man are burned off.

Do you see the fire in His eyes and intense, loving gaze?

He brings truth, brings healing and freedom in the deepest of ways.

This world is worth nothing if not for Him.

What are you waiting for? You’ve been invited in…

Published by Purely Prophetic - Flames from the Throne Room

My mandate: Raise my kids in God's glory and to see the Bride of Christ set on fire. My mission: Release the purity, truth and beauty of God. My heartbeat: Justice. My purpose: Advance the Kingdom of God. My passion: Daily burning as a living sacrifice before God. My vision: To see the Bride of Christ come into a place of purity and passion for Jesus, fully expressing God's rule and reign in the Earth.

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