Divine Commissioning

There is a divine commissioning right now. God is commissioning wildly in love revivalists, who carry a passion for His holiness, purity, and justice to be released in the Earth. They have been tested and tried. They have been through the fires of affliction and did not lose their first love. Even in the darkest of places, they still kept their “yes” to God. The cadence of Heaven directs their every step and they are unmoved by the praise of man and can not be bought or sold.

Proverbs 20:23-25 says “The Lord HATES dishonest scales and dishonest weights.”

The scales of Justice in Heaven are tipping and God is releasing His solutionists and administrators of justice in the Earth who carry divine solutions from Heaven. You can ignore them, discredit them, not accept them, but ALL OF HEAVEN IS BACKING THEM! They are living torches that CARRY MY fire and radiate MY Glory from having been with me, like Moses.

Revival and Justice go hand-in-hand. You can not separate the HAND of God from the HEART of God!

I heard God say this morning “THEY are HERE!”

I declare, THIS IS YOUR DIVINE COMMISSIONING! Glory Carriers Arise! Divine Solutions Arise! Administrators of Justice Arise! It’s time to take your place! Shake off the grave clothes and receive your divine commissioning! It’s time to rule and reign from Heavenly places, releasing the strategies of Heaven in the Earth.

Word from January 5, 2020

Below, is a word God gave me on January 5, 2020 and I felt lead to re-share.

I had a powerful encounter with the Lord, where I heard a sober warning and saw a powerful tidal wave cresting. I knew in my spirit, this tsunami like tidal wave was the swelling of justice being released. (I had a similar warning vision I posted in July of 2018 and God said “THIS is THAT!”)

In the vision, I saw the intensity of the swirling water fiercely churning and the only thing holding it back was the very breathe of God. I felt His grace wear thin as He was poised to unleash the tidal wave. His righteous anger was so palpable that I shook under the power of this sobering weight and the seriousness of His intent.

I heard Him cry out “Who WANTS me?! Who REALLY wants ME?!”

God is not a man that he could ever be insecure; He didn’t ask because He needed validation! No! This question was a deep calling out to deep. It reverberated out through the nations, like a homing device, looking for those who carried the same frequency of Heaven inside of them.

Glory Carriers Arising

I saw those who were deeply oppressed and covered in great darkness, who had laid down their lives for Him. I saw them come alive, kicking off their grave clothes and they became so glowing bright that I couldn’t even make out the border of their being. They were just radiating such intense light. Gods voice thundered over them with such jealously, saying “They are MINE! They shall overturn the works of hell. They laugh in the face of death because they have already died a thousand deaths and yet they STILL worship and seek me! You don’t see them yet but I SEE THEM! I SEE THEM! Do you not know what time it is?!

I then saw this powerful tidal wave pull back even further, gaining more strength, as God pulled these ones into Himself, where He healed and cleansed them from every battle they had withstood. Every arrow and hand print from man was removed from them. Then with the release of this tidal wave, He thrust these ones out with a fresh commissioning while simultaneously wiping out others who had squandered their call.

Displaced to Replacement

I heard the words “Displaced to Replacement.” The once displaced were now sent as REPLACEMENTS for the ones I saw next. There were leaders in different nations crying out to God for answers but all I could see were empty posts! I asked God why these posts were empty. Clearly these leaders were hungry and open!

He said, “The ones I’ve called to be influencers are busy chasing leaves, blowing in the wind that they will never catch. They are pre-occupied and don’t realize that they did not pass the test of humility.

He showed me a very low door and it didn’t look like much of anything but I knew it contained such promise! “Some were unwilling and others were too busy entertaining my church, instead of feeding my church. That lowly door you see would have propelled them into places of prominent position and blessing. Instead, these posts around the globe are left unmanned, leaving entire people groups open to levels of attack that they can’t combat in the natural. This is why I am sending my displaced ones as replacements. Though they are far from second best! They have more then passed their test.”

I was then taken into what looked like a court room and could feel the fire of God’s indignation. I heard God’s voice boom loudly. ”I am a righteous judge and I’m about to deliver my final edict!” The fear of the Lord was thick in the room and I can’t express in words the seriousness I felt. I knew in my spirit that the church needs to have ears to hear this sober warning.

The darkness will get drastically darker but the light will get brilliantly brighter. We are needed on national and international levels. We are needed in high level intercession and in high level positions to release apostolic strategies and prophetic insight for nations. We need to release Heaven’s solutions. We are moving into the days of the greatest demonstration of God’s power but He will not allow His glory to be marred by impure hands. Are you manning your post? Are you passing your test? Are you the displaced ones being freshly commissioned or ones who will be wiped out and replaced?

Published by Purely Prophetic - Flames from the Throne Room

My mandate: Raise my kids in God's glory and to see the Bride of Christ set on fire. My mission: Release the purity, truth and beauty of God. My heartbeat: Justice. My purpose: Advance the Kingdom of God. My passion: Daily burning as a living sacrifice before God. My vision: To see the Bride of Christ come into a place of purity and passion for Jesus, fully expressing God's rule and reign in the Earth.

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