Reformers Arise! Get Ready for A Great Outpouring!

For the first time since 1995, Purim and St Patrick’s Day fall on the same day. I believe the timing of these celebrations and year of their last convergence are significant to what God is speaking right now.


  • Purim is significant because it’s a celebration marking the death of Haman, who hung on the gallows he built to destroy God’s people. 

    Purim was in essence a move of life and justice, as well as a victory over the enemy of God’s people.
  • St Patrick’s Day is significant because it’s the celebration of a man full of Holy Spirit, who was known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. 

    St Patrick’s Day was in essence a move of salvation and eternal life, as well as a victory over paganism and the python spirit (snakes) seeking to restrict the movement of Holy Spirit, driving it out of Ireland.


There are similarities we can draw from the lives of Esther and St Patrick. Both were reformers who were used to confront evil, enact change, and risked their lives in order to save a nation of people.

  • Esther was used to save a nation, sparing the lives of the Jews.
  • St Patrick was used to save a nation, sparing eternal lives by spreading the gospel of Jesus. 

Esther and St Patrick both risked their lives to go before a king with their request.

  • Esther risked her life to go before the King in order to save her people.
  • St Patrick risked his life to go before a King in order to save people.


Often times, reformers are not celebrated. Their ideas are usually not welcomed in with a warm, inviting reception. Reformers are often attacked with criticism and jealousy and are also often scoffed at and scorned.

Most times, reformers are not welcome until the need for the solutions they bring become apparent and necessary.

Just like Esther and St Patrick, reformers are often regarded as crazy, fanatical, and sometimes even down right mad but…they are history makers that are often called to radical obedience, to confront injustice, and to enact change.


The last time Purim and St Patricks Day fell on the same day was in 1995. The last two major moves of God that happened in the Body of Christ were in 1995. I believe there is a significance to the previous convergences of these two Holiday’s and the spiritual climate of that time period with how it correlates to today.

The Toronto Revival, often referred to as the Father’s Blessing, was in full swing by 1995 as well as the Brownsville Revival, which started on Father’s Day in 1995. These outpourings were marked by a powerful move and demonstration of Holy Spirit that would not only have far reaching effects in the nations, but were also key places that shaped some of the major leaders in the body of Christ today!

God sets times and seasons for specific purposes. He sets kairos times when conditions are right to accomplishment a crucial action. Though we are not ruled by a day or a formula, nor should we try to reinvent the past, I do believe there are certain windows of time that God ordains for His purposes. I believe the convergence of Purim and St Patricks Day in 1995 and the significant moves of God that happened, is a foreshadow of what God wants to pour out and release with the convergence this year.


I believe we are heading into a kairos time where there will be such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like we haven’t seen since 1995. I believe God is saying “Arise!” to those who have a call like Esther and like St Patrick. Those who are called to:

  • Be Reformers
  • Save nations
  • Confront evil
  • Enact change
  • Move powerful under the unction of Holy Spirit
  • Obedience even to the point of risking death

Reformers shape the world with their ideas. They shift paradigms, change mindsets, and open up new realms of possibility.

I believe God is saying it’s time for the reformers to arise! It’s time to write! It’s time to dance! It’s time to create! It’s time to sing! It’s time to engineer! It’s time to build! It’s time to confront evil! It’s time to expel the snakes! It’s time to confront injustice! It’s time to make room for more of ME! It’s a Kairos Time! It’s time! It’s time! IT’S TIME!

Reformers Arise! Get ready for a great outpouring. The flow will start from within YOU!

Published by Purely Prophetic - Flames from the Throne Room

My mandate: Raise my kids in God's glory and to see the Bride of Christ set on fire. My mission: Release the purity, truth and beauty of God. My heartbeat: Justice. My purpose: Advance the Kingdom of God. My passion: Daily burning as a living sacrifice before God. My vision: To see the Bride of Christ come into a place of purity and passion for Jesus, fully expressing God's rule and reign in the Earth.

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