The Prostitution of God’s Bride Is Ending

Wanting to run from man’s empty applause. 
Unfulfilling platforms, resembling unclean stalls. 

Seeking you intimately, I gather my resolve. 
To say what say, uttering every word until my calling’s absolved. 

Running and hiding seems so much easier. 
Manipulative demons, make me even queasier. 

Shuffling people like commodities on a stock trading floor. 
All the proceeds to the highest bidder or you are treated like a chore. 

Claiming to lead, while pretending to love. 
Their fruit is revealed, when push comes to shove. 

Blinded by pride, cloaked in ambition. 
Insecurity lying beneath, like an orphan rejected. 

Why does it seem the highest aim of this current Christian life,
is to stand on a pulpit with your name in big lights?

Why settle for accolades this world has to offer? 
They are just cheap substitutes of Heaven’s plan for you to prosper. 

It’s sad and disheartening all the same.
Needless and empty when the Father knows your name. 

God’s heart is broken for His prostituted bride. 
Sold to the higher bidder whose heart is drenched in pride.

At the end of the day when the great trumpet resounds,
did you follow what God asked you or just assumed your own crown?

Is it worth selling your birthright, for a few years that seem prosperous?
No! My heart quakes. It’s all so preposterous!

False leaders treat holiness as something they are above.
My heart breaks feeling the weight of Gods all-consuming love. 

Don’t settle for a cheap, watered-down story. 
Keep your lamp full of pure oil, burning for His glory. 

This world is worth nothing if not Him. 
There’s no room to give up or let corruption set in. 

Not for sale, the true Bride ruthless weeds her own heart.
She practices what she preaches, which has almost become a lost art. 

God won’t allow His Bride to be stained by mud,
by those who man-handle His glory, seeking money and validation like a drug.

Time is now up for those who have prostituted God’s Bride.
Purifying fires have started, His jealous love raging against all pride. 

God wants His Bride free from entitled, illegal takers.
Who want all the benefits, without the commitment of His divine nature.

Published by Purely Prophetic - Flames from the Throne Room

My mandate: Raise my kids in God's glory and to see the Bride of Christ set on fire. My mission: Release the purity, truth and beauty of God. My heartbeat: Justice. My purpose: Advance the Kingdom of God. My passion: Daily burning as a living sacrifice before God. My vision: To see the Bride of Christ come into a place of purity and passion for Jesus, fully expressing God's rule and reign in the Earth.

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