The Prostitution of God’s Bride Is Ending

Wanting to run from man’s empty applause. Unfulfilling platforms, resembling unclean stalls.  Seeking you intimately, I gather my resolve. To say what say, uttering every word until my calling’s absolved.  Running and hiding seems so much easier. Manipulative demons, make me even queasier.  Shuffling people like commodities on a stock trading floor. All the proceeds to the highest bidderContinue reading “The Prostitution of God’s Bride Is Ending”

Testing and Promotion of the Bride

The eyes of the Lord are searching hearts in this hour. He is searching throughout the Earth for those with a pure heart, love sick for Him. God is searching for those who have consecrated their hearts and life to Him alone. There is great glory and great promotion coming but first, it’s inspection time!Continue reading “Testing and Promotion of the Bride”

The Bride

She prayed for blessing but it came packaged in breaking. Dumfounded, confused. Her world rattled and shaken. The accuser took great pleasure in her tormenting. Confusion, despair all consuming and suffocating. Hope deferred, promises shattered. Persecuted, tormented, as if her vow to God didn’t even matter. Left lying for dead, the Earth closed in. HerContinue reading “The Bride”

Urgent Prophetic Word: The “Cross” Road for the United States

January 18, 2021 Intro: Through the wisdom of trusted leaders and permission from God, I feel it’s important to give context to my word below. Social media is often a difficult place to share words like this. I wrestled with how to release this word well and IF social media was even the place forContinue reading “Urgent Prophetic Word: The “Cross” Road for the United States”


Hello! I am so glad you decided to check out my blog, Purely Prophetic – Flames from the Throne Room. I’ve recently moved into a season where God has me releasing my voice in a more public way. I honestly would be happy to stay in the secret place forever but I know God isContinue reading “Welcome!”